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Not a Happy Camper.... - Wynne's Notes

Jan. 12th, 2011 03:46 pm Not a Happy Camper....

I'm pissed. We were to have Mon. off for MLK, Jr. day and then two days of teacher workdays before the end of the semester. Now since we have a shitload of snow and ice and as of today, we've missed 3 days of school, next Wed. has been deemed a make-up day. Here is the rub. We had planned to go the beach to see my grandbaby, son and his wife since we didn't get to see them at Christmas this coming weekend and stay until Tues., the day after MLK day. Now, I hear that we will also have next Tues. as a make-up day as well. I've already made reservations and paid the deposit on a suite at an oceanfront hotel in Myrtle Beach. I doubt I will be able to cancel the reservation for Mon. nite without having to still pay for it. This sucks the big one. Was so hoping for 4 days at the beach. As much as I love being out of school for snow, I hate that these make-up days are going to interfere with my beach plans. Patootie.

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