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An end of the year wrap-up..... - Wynne's Notes

Dec. 28th, 2009 11:41 am An end of the year wrap-up.....

It has been awhile since I've taken the time to write more than a few snippets (thank you Facebook and Larae for getting me sooooo addicted)about the goings on in my household. As of yesterday, Dad has been at Hospice for three weeks. His kidneys are failing, he grows weaker each day, once fairly verbal is now down to an occassional couple of words or murmers that we can't figure out, doesn't eat and takes a few sips of water on occassion, is sleeping the better part of the day. It is extremely heartbreaking to see what this horrible disease has done to him. I will always remember him as the vibrant, happy, always working with his hands, joking daddy who would give you the shirt off his back. The man laying in that hospital bed is literally a shell of my father.

Christmas was as good as it could be under the circumstances. I had the girls as well as Fred's daughter here for Christmas Eve and Day. Sajid, Jackie and the baby came in on the 26th. Then we had to take Stacie to the train station early on Sun. cause she was headed to Raleigh. Fairly laid back, not as much spending this time around, not as much cheer as in the past, lots more frustration on my part. And, it didn't help that the damn Christmas tree kept falling down so I finally jerked it down even before Christmas Eve. I just couldn't deal with it anymore.

I'm tired. No amount of sleep seems to help it. Thank ghod that I'm out of school for the holidays because I really don't know if I could cope if I had to teach each day. I am thankful for my children, my husband, my parents, other family members and friends. I'm sure that this bleakness will lift at some point and am just bidding my time until the sun shines again. (That is figuratively, not literally for as I look out the window right now, I do actually see sunshine.)

I received two new leather journals for Christmas from Fred and a large set of the Prismatic water color pencils that I have been wanting. Now just have to get motivated to use them and find inspiration from somewhere. It has been awhile since I was serious about my visual journaling or my scrapbooking. On a good note, I have gotten my classes interested in visual journaling and they are loving having the freedom to take their journals and do whatever they want to in them (short of drawing vulgar pictures or talking about killing people). I do periodically have the whole class do something in the journals that is history/class related and they have found that interesting. They have become quite protective of their journals. I'm loving it.

Discovered several books I am wanting to read. The 5th book in the House of Night series is out and its called Tempted. Can't wait to get that one. Want to read the Vampire Academy series and recently purchased the first 5 books of a series on Werewolves that I'm going to tackle. Seems my reading hiatus is coming to an end.

Saw SHERLOCK HOLMES and it was excellent. Will see AVATAR sometime this week. Nicolas Cage has 2 new ones coming out soon that both look good. Watched Night at the Museum 2 and it wasn't as good as the first one. That's usually the way of sequels. Well my coffee is getting cold. Gotta head over to Hospice in a few. Hope everyone had a Great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.

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