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......of all things DRAGONCON...... - Wynne's Notes

Sep. 13th, 2009 11:19 am ......of all things DRAGONCON......

I've been attending DragonCon for 10 years now and this is the first time I've come down with ConCrud. Actually, I think I caught it from my daughter and from Fred. Its the sniffles, dripping nose, coughing, scratchy throat, general body aches, headache like a migraine, fatique, etc. This is not a fun end to a fantastic Labor Dat weekend.

For those who care to look, here are the best of my remembrances:

A plethora of awesome Steampunk costumes this year. Think I might try that next year.

Room at the Hyatt was wonderful and looked newly renovated. Being on 3rd floor was not fun though, given the elevators and the noise late night.

Leonard Nimoy panel where William Shatner appeared halfway through and brought the house down.

Awesome seats at every panel I attended.

Mango margueritas....nothing else to be said about that.

My first time in 10 years actually spending time at the Art Show and have concluded it will be one of my first stops next year.

Wonderful conversations with other congoers as we waited in line for panels.

Charlaine Harris is the funniest and nicest author I've had the pleasure of talking to. (For those who are unaware, she writes the Southern Vampire Stories (Sookie Stackhouse) that have been made into the TruBlood tv series on HBO.)

I have to officially say that I am in love with the Cruxshadows music. I've always discounted it as being gothic/punk and therefore not something I would be interested in but this year, I spent some time at their fan booth and actually listened. Wound up buying 2 CD's.

Patrick Stewart is one funny guy.

Had a very nice chat with Anthony Daniels who played C3P0 in Star Wars. Had the opportunity to talk with him at his booth because no one else was in line late on Sat. Has a dry sense of humor and is a very suave, intelligent, English gentleman. Could totally see C3P0 in him.

Found some wonderful handmade jewelry, bought some Christmas presents (yes I thought that far enough ahead), didn't spend as much money as I have in years past, managed to stay on the low-carb diet, didn't run anyone over with the scooter.

Drum circle on Sunday night. Some amazing belly dancers.

Was nice seeing Jeff again if only briefly and running into Achbar whom I see everywhere, LOL.

All in all, a wonderful 4 days, lots of eye candy, fantastic costumes, excitment and energy, artists galore, great music, not too much elevator hassles, panel lines were certainly long, and loved having Yasmeen with us again.

Already have room reservations for next year.

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