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Monday Morning.... - Wynne's Notes

Jul. 6th, 2009 09:21 am Monday Morning....

Since I was coerced into getting on Facebook, I find that I spend way too much time there. I've become addicted to Yoville which is much like Sims City. If I ever hope to accomplish anything this summer (organizing and cleaning out the house, scrapbooking, working on my visual journal, making power points for school, trips to the beach to see the grandbaby), I've got to turn off the laptop and put it away.

We are leaving tomorrow for the beach to see Laila and for me to hold her for the first time. I can't wait. The girls are going down with us as well and this will be the first time that Mariam has actually gotten to see her except in pictures.

I have a new grand-puppy. Mariam just got a Yorkie named Milo that is tiny. Cute little bugger and today we are doggie sitting. He will accompany us to the beach.

Met Mariam's new boyfriend for the first time yesterday. They came down and we went to lunch taking Yasmeen and her new bf as well. Cody is pretty quite but seems to be a nice guy, very well dressed and polite. He finally spoke more than 3 words but according to Mia, will take some time to fully open up. Hope that we didn't scare him off too much. She seems to be very happy.

Spent the evening of the fourth at the Roanwoulfe den. Its always great to be around the household and we do far too little of that lately. I don't know when it was that we played SCA but we will be going to Flight of the Falcon where I'll run newcomers point. I'm usually in the kitchen so this time going to do something different, afterall I am the Canton Chatelaine and its my duty to welcome new people into the SCA.

We've had Stacie for a little over a week now, but she will be going home today. She's been a big help while here. With Fred and my knee problems and other asundry ailments, the state of the house has been less than stellar. She has helped immensely.

Saw Transformers this past Friday and really enjoyed the movie. There are several other ones that I would love to go and see but jeez, the cost of the movies nowadays is ridiculous. Almost makes you want to wait until they come out on dvd. But, there are just some movies you HAVE to see on the big screen. Ah well, its just money, huh?

Need to turn this thing off and become productive to get ready for the beach. Need another cup of coffee. Toodles until next time.

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